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6 Signs of Christ Returning | Pastor Greg Hackett

The disciples asked Jesus "...what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?" Jesus responds with 6 signs that will help us to be aware of the times w...

Renewing Hope and Purpose | Pastor Greg Hackett

Today Pastor Greg lays out the mindsets and methods God uses to renew hope and purpose in our lives!Every Monday our church releases new messages and other content to ...

The Identity of Jesus | Pastor Ben Rainey

Pastor Ben explores an important conversation between Jesus and his disciples regarding his true identity as the Messiah.Every Monday our church releases new messages ...

Resist the Tempter | Pastor Greg Hackett

Jesus' temptation in the desert is a unique and insightful story in the gospels that Pastor Greg unpacks in today's message!Every Monday our church releases new messag...

Our Spiritual World | Pastor Greg Hackett

Are we physical beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a physical experience? Pastor Greg shares today on reconciling our spiritual world wit...

What Discipleship Means | Pastor Greg Hackett

Jesus refers to his followers as "disciples". Pastor Greg unpacks what discipleship means and how to live it out in our lives!Every Monday our church releases new mess...

The Government & The Gospel | Pastor Greg Hackett

In the days of the Bible, followers of Jesus were dealing with Rome - one of the most corrupt governments imaginable. But through Scripture, we are shown what a Christ...

Matthew's Redemption Story | Pastor Greg Hackett

Pastor Greg looks at the context of the first gospel, and shows some unique aspects of Matthew's redemption story from tax collector to apostle!Every Monday our church...

Engage the Marketplace | New Horizons Pt 4

As we develop new horizons for 2023, Pastor Greg encourages us to engage the marketplace (your community, business, connections) with our faith!

Fix Your Focus | New Horizons | Pastor Ben Rainey

Pastor Ben shares a message on how to fix your focus, and what to focus it on as we continue into the new year!

Tools for Spiritual Growth in 2023 | New Horizons Pt 2

There are many ways to connect with God through a diverse devotional life! Today, Pastor Greg gives many tools for approaching your spiritual growth in 2023.

Principles for 2023 | New Horizons Pt 1

Your life in 2023 will be determined by the principles you carry with you!

Redeeming Negative Momentum | There is Hope (Pt 3)

The birth of Jesus was surrounded by a lot of negative momentum, but it was in the midst of those circumstances that God chose to bring forth the hope of the world!

Jesus' Lineage | There is Hope (Pt 2)

Jesus' lineage is full of imperfect, sinful people. If God made a way for them to be a part of Jesus' ancestry, what can He do with our lives?

How to Have Hope | There is Hope (Pt 1)

The story of Jesus' birth shows us how to have hope in the most bleak and trying of circumstances.

Obedience to God | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 6 Conclusion)

One of the markers of a true disciple is not just belief in a higher power, but true obedience to God.

Your Father Knows Your Needs | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 5)

Where do worry and anxiety come from? Pastor Ben joins us today to continue in this great series!

Counter-Cultural Community | Pete Bullette (Chi Alpha UVA)

Today, Pastor Pete Bullette and several of his staff from Chi Alpha at UVA share with us on the power and importance of counter-cultural community.

Real Prayer | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 3)

In looking at one of the best-known prayers in the Bible, we discover how Jesus was directing his followers toward real prayer through the "Lord's Prayer."

What Does it Mean to Be Salt? | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 2)

Many know that Jesus tells his followers to be the salt and light of the earth, but do you know what it really meant in that day to be salt?

Beatitudes for Life | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 1)

Today Pastor Greg begins a new series on the sermon on the mount, beginning with today's message on a passage referred to as "The Beatitudes."

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 6

Today we look at the story of Joseph, and how he was able to flourish while living as a slave in Egypt!

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 5

Today we look at the stories of Abraham and Isaac, and how they were able to Flourish Under Adversity!

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 4

In looking at the story of Daniel and his friends, we can see some powerful insights for how we are to operate as followers of God living in an anti-God culture.

The Seed that Flourishes | Dr. Mike Rakes

Leader of Evangel University and AGTS, Dr. Mike Rakes, joins us today to continue in our Flourishing Under Adversity series! We know you will be blessed with what he h...

Jesus in our Challenges | Flourish Under Adversity (Week 2)

Part of flourishing under adversity is understanding how our greatest friend and advocate, Jesus Christ, stands with us in our challenges.

How Christians Flourish Today | Flourish Under Adversity (Week 1)

Despite political, social, and (in some parts of the world) physical opposition, how can a Christian flourish today?

We is Greater Than Me (PART 2)

Pastor Greg shares today why community is so incredibly valuable and necessary in our lives.

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