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Obedience to God | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 6 Conclusion)

One of the markers of a true disciple is not just belief in a higher power, but true obedience to God.

Your Father Knows Your Needs | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 5)

Where do worry and anxiety come from? Pastor Ben joins us today to continue in this great series!

Counter-Cultural Community | Pete Bullette (Chi Alpha UVA)

Today, Pastor Pete Bullette and several of his staff from Chi Alpha at UVA share with us on the power and importance of counter-cultural community.

Real Prayer | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 3)

In looking at one of the best-known prayers in the Bible, we discover how Jesus was directing his followers toward real prayer through the "Lord's Prayer."

What Does it Mean to Be Salt? | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 2)

Many know that Jesus tells his followers to be the salt and light of the earth, but do you know what it really meant in that day to be salt?

Beatitudes for Life | Sermon on the Mount (Pt 1)

Today Pastor Greg begins a new series on the sermon on the mount, beginning with today's message on a passage referred to as "The Beatitudes."

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 6

Today we look at the story of Joseph, and how he was able to flourish while living as a slave in Egypt!

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 5

Today we look at the stories of Abraham and Isaac, and how they were able to Flourish Under Adversity!

Flourishing Under Adversity | Week 4

In looking at the story of Daniel and his friends, we can see some powerful insights for how we are to operate as followers of God living in an anti-God culture.

The Seed that Flourishes | Dr. Mike Rakes

Leader of Evangel University and AGTS, Dr. Mike Rakes, joins us today to continue in our Flourishing Under Adversity series! We know you will be blessed with what he h...

Jesus in our Challenges | Flourish Under Adversity (Week 2)

Part of flourishing under adversity is understanding how our greatest friend and advocate, Jesus Christ, stands with us in our challenges.

How Christians Flourish Today | Flourish Under Adversity (Week 1)

Despite political, social, and (in some parts of the world) physical opposition, how can a Christian flourish today?

We is Greater Than Me (PART 2)

Pastor Greg shares today why community is so incredibly valuable and necessary in our lives.

We is Greater Than Me (PART 1)

It's that time of the year at The Bridge to join a connection group! Pastor Lisa shares today our heart behind connection groups and why "we" is greater than "me!"

Jesus in Our Crisis | Faith Under Fire (4/4)

The Faith Under Fire series concludes with on how we can access and receive from Jesus in our crisis!

Fixed on Christ | Faith Under Fire (3/4)

Pastor Greg unpacks more scriptures from the gospel of Mark that show us how to remain fixed on Christ in a culture that opposes Him and compromises on His Word

How God Moves During Opposition | Faith Under Fire (2/4)

Whether it's today or 2,000 years ago, God still moves during opposition!

The Internal Spiritual Battle | Faith Under Fire (1/4)

Instead of fixating on the surrounding problems and circumstances of our day, we must first address the internal spiritual battle! Pastor Greg opens up the book of Mar...

God's Word | Supernatural (PART 8)

In God's Word, the hardest questions can be found in the simplest of Bible verses!

Prophecy Pitfalls | Supernatural (PART 7)

What does the Bible teach us about the pitfalls related to prophecy and other supernatural activity?

Mindful | Pastor Ben Rainey

What does it mean to be double-minded in our thoughts? Today Pastor Ben Rainey brings a message on having the mind of Christ!

Does God Speak Today? | Supernatural (PART 6)

The key to hearing God's voice today is to know the Holy Spirit!

Men of Destiny // Father's Day Message

This Fathers Day message is not just for dads, but men everywhere!

A Supernatural Lifestyle | Supernatural (PART 5)

Continuing in the series of Supernatural in 1 Kings.

Insights into the Supernatural | Supernatural (PART 4)

Continuing in the series of Supernatural, Pastor Greg takes a look at the dimensions of the Holy Spirit in Luke chapter 4.

Peter and the Holy Spirit | Supernatural (PART 3)

Continuing last week's message, Pastor Greg breaks several of Peter's interactions with the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

How We Hear From God | Supernatural (PART 2)

Pastor Greg looks at several passages that show how you can genuinely hear from God today!

Do Christians Need the Supernatural? | Supernatural (PART 1)

The Holy Spirit's power is for today! In the gospels, we hear directly from Jesus' mouth the kind of lifestyle he expects and desires for his disciples to have in and ...

Women of Faith | Pastor Lisa Hackett

Today's message on women of faith (from generation to generation) will encourage and challenge you!

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